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About Us

We completely understand that during a financial emergency, it is tough to do online research and pick the right loan. Numerous deals are available on the Internet, but not all of them are authentic. Sometimes, a deal looks so tempting, but you end up applying with a fake or an unfriendly lender. Such offers add more problems to your financial life. We at Lenders Lists work persistently to offer genuine, feasible, and affordable deals on unsecured personal loans that perfectly match your needs.

Our customised lending solutions are open to all in the UK including bad credit applicants, CCJs, default, and more. Numerous queries come to the mind of an applicant while applying for a loan. Our customer care team is here to solve your questions relentlessly.

Our Mission:  

We are committed to lending all people in the UK irrespective of their socioeconomic backgrounds, credit ratings, and repayment powers. We haven’t rejected even a single application since the inception of Lenders Lists. Our relentless efforts have paid well and now all our borrowers are financially stable. We are targeting more population and by the end of 2020, we will be close to disbursing money to 3 million people.

Our Vision:

We just want to earn the trust of the struggling people in the UK. Therefore, we offer only cheap and viable deals on unemployed loans with bad credit. In the coming years, we want to focus more on unemployed and bad credit customers.

Our Values:

Lenders Lists takes pride in keeping British values on the top. Our lending policies are totally customer-friendly and transparent. There is not a single case when a customer has complained to us about our terms and conditions. We always offer 100 % satisfaction. Our lending website is completely secure and you can fill the online form without worrying about any kind of fraud.