Make a realistic budget and track your spending effectively

Manage your Expenses Smartly-Top 5 Budgeting Apps

A monthly budget allows you to create a spending plan for your money. It helps you in managing your daily expenses, debt, card payments, insurance payments, investments, school fees, savings, family expenses, and more. While making a monthly budget, you always consider financial risks and future life events. In sum, a monthly tracker ensures that you have sufficient money for the things you need.

Creating a manual budget is boring and takes a lot of time. Manual budgeting requires you to maintain a diary or creates excel sheets in your laptop. However, you can’t always keep the budget diary and laptop with yourself. Moreover, you may forget to enter some expenses and hence affect the whole budget. Here comes the role of budgeting or spending apps.

Personal Finance Apps Save Time and Money

Spending tracker apps let you save time and money

Why to always carry a diary and a pen with yourself for tracking your expenses, when you can easily download and use budgeting or spending apps. These apps turn your smartphone into a personal finance consultant. You can track your spending, check due dates, avoid late fees, invest, and do other personal finance activities in few minutes only! Here, we discuss top 10 budgeting apps for your personal finance:

   1. Monefy

Now tracking all expenses is so enjoyable

It is one of the best personal finance apps that make your financial life easier! You can track your money in your way. No time-consuming steps and no confusing categories. You can select currency and language as per your convenience. Its interface is user-friendly and you can add your records on the fly! Some of the top features of this money management app are:

  • Check your spending distribution on the chart or get detailed information on the transactions list
  • Categories can be customised
  • Quickly add new records
  • Safely sync your Dropbox account
  • Choose the report period
  • Select the currency
  • Use budget mode
  • Backup and export data in one click
  • Passcode protection
  • Multiple accounts supported
  • Built-in calculator

Android users can download Monefy here

iPhone users can download Monefy here

2. Goodbudget

Track and save your money using the digital envelope system

It is a popular money manager cum expense tracker that allows you to stay on the top of your bills and daily spending. It is based on the digital envelope budgeting method. You can divide your money into various budget categories and put it into various digital envelopes. Take money out of the envelope only when you face a requirement related to that particular category only. Stop spending once you have fulfilled your requirement and see how much you have saved. The top features of the Goodbudget app are:

  • 10 regular envelopes are free
  • 10 more envelopes
  • Single account for the FREE version and unlimited accounts for the paid one
  • Sync up to 5 devices (Free version offers sync up to 2 devices only)
  • 1 year of transaction history for FREE version and 5 years of transaction history for the paid account
  • Community support for the FREE version and Customer friendly email support for the paid one
  • Check envelope & account balances
  • Future financial planning with Goal and Annual Envelopes
  • Scheduled transactions
  • Smart payee and category suggestions
  • Easily transfer funds between Envelopes and Accounts
  • Search for transactions
  • Add income
  • Choose budget period to match real-life

Android users can download Goodbudget here

iPhone users can download Goodbudget here

3. AndroMoney

No matter you are using an iPad or an Android phone, or desktop, you can always download AndroMoney and track your money better. This app allows you to track your expenses in real time and send you alerts when you exceed the limit. You can check real-time report charts, graphs, pie charts, bars, etc. The provided categories are simple and cover all the areas but, you can always add, delete or modify any category as per your requirement. Some of the best features of this budget app are:

  • Can create multiple accounts
  • Account balance & account transfer facilities are available
  • Cloud storage is available
  • Sync with other devices
  • Use any currency
  • Number pad with calculation
  • Categories with custom attributes
  • Different types of budgets
  • Trend, Pie and Bar charts for tracking expenses and cash flow
  • Protected by a password

Android users can download AndroMoney here

iPhone users can download AndroMoney here

4. ClevMoney

A simple but an effective spending tracker app

If you are looking for a simple personal finance app with minimal design and multiple features, then ClevMoney is a right choice. You don’t need to be a pro or need to dedicate too much time in knowing about this money management app. It quickly allows you to add income and expenses without any hassle. You can make weekly, monthly and yearly budgets. Its statistical system is easy to understand and systematic. The key features of ClevMoney are:

  • Automatic input feature based on SMS, push messages and MMS
  • Search feature
  • Multiple currencies
  • Managing data is easy
  • You can tally income and expenses
  • Easy presentation of statistical data
  • Pie and bar charts available
  • Google Drive backup is available.
  • Password protected
  • Data export feature to a CSV file

Android users can download ClevMoney here

iPhone users can download ClevMoney here

5. Mvelopes

It is one of the top budget apps that uses the digital envelope concept for budgeting and tracking your expenses. Its digital envelope method is equipped with the latest technology and support. Now you can track your money in a better way. Hence, more chances of savings and lesser debt. You can import your bank and credit card accounts to manage your daily spending at a single place.  The top features of Mvelopes are:

  • Unlimited digital envelopes and financial agencies
  • Digital envelope budget system is simple but effective
  • You can modify your budget in a single tap
  • Helps you in taking informed decisions while you shop
  • A single interface for your checking, savings and credit card balances
  • Assign transactions to envelope categories, including splitting individual transactions into separate categories
  • Real-time synchronisation is available
  • Money saving tips, ebooks, and videos are inside the app

Android users can download Mvelopes here

iPhone users can download Mvelopes here

These budgeting apps really help you to discourage overspending and track your expenses in real-time. Life is full of surprises and you should spend your money smartly so that you don’t have to depend on loans or other borrowing solutions to overcome your financial emergency. Keep your debt history clean and live a happy financial life!!

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