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Amigo Loans is one of the most preferred direct lenders for guarantor loans in the UK. It is registered and authorised by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and all the loans here are according to its norms. Since its inception, the lender has been able to help a large number of UK people when they need loans for specific purposes. And, what they like most is the borrower-friendly approach while providing any of its offers.

The company aims to bring the best possible financial solution for its clients. To fulfill that purpose, it takes care of their finances in a personalised way and solves issues related to consolidating debts, wedding costs, struggling with bad credit, financing a car, tenancy, self employed and many more.

Some of the salient features of its loan products are:

  • Borrowers can easily borrow from £500 to £10,000 according to their situation and the repayment capacity
  • Applying for any loan requires a guarantor and it is mandatory. However, the lender can be flexible if you do not have collateral.
  • All UK citizens above 18 years of age are eligible to apply for the loans but again they have to show how they repay the funds.
  • The chosen guarantor may or may not be a homeowner but those people, who are living on rent, should have a good credit score.

Loan Products

Amigo Loans UK provides a variety of funding options under its funding sources. Before coming on to the loan products, it is crucial to mention how one can qualify for them according to the company’s guidelines:

  • You should be aged between 18 and 75
  • You should be a homeowner in UK or should have a good credit history
  • You should be a UK citizen
  • You should show your repayment capacity

If you are up to these conditions, then you can apply any of these loan products provided by this online lender.

Loans for Bad Credit

The direct lender focuses on to giving the financial backup to those individuals, who have been struggling a lot due to their poor credit scores. It offers loans to them without putting anything in terms of obligations and other conditions. It does check the credit score but in a soft way that won’t hurt their credit profile.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Consolidating debts has been a major need when financial situation is not in your favour. As a responsible lender, it offers debt consolidation loans that help borrowers to settle their dues with just single interest rate and repayment tenure. Just provide the guarantor and start to avail desired funds.

Bad Credit Car Finance

The lender is also a leading provider of car loan which it offers even having a bad credit score. It is not necessary that you have to be a homeowner to avail these funding sources. As long as you and your guarantor agree to the loan terms, the chances of guaranteed and early approval will come into play.

Non Homeowner Loans

The lender has made special arrangements for the non homeowners. These loans work best when you or your guarantor is not the home owner but eligible to get the funds without any complications. However, both of you should have the strong credit score to improve the chances of approval.

Self Employed Loans

Amigo Loans has provided loans as the alternatives for those people, who are working for themselves but not able to borrow money from the mainstream lender. Just like Bad Credits History, Sunny loans and other direct lenders, it also has the provisions to financially assist the self employed people.

Unsecured Guarantor Loans

The direct lending company has also marked its presence among those lenders, which are known for the unsecured loans especially for the people with bad credit. It does not make mandatory providing the collateral and that is indeed a big relief for the borrowers with low credit scores.

Wedding Loans for Bad Credit

To make sure, your most special day of life should not be halted with fund shortage, the lender has brought some personalised offers on the wedding poor credit loans that one can use for the expenses like venue cost, catering, and other ones.

How the Loan Process Goes at Amigo?

Just as other direct lenders, Amigo Loans is also equipped with online application system. The borrowers just have to come online and fill out a form with mandatory details like amount, loan term, purpose of taking loans, name and contact information. Once completed the form, submit it and wait for revert from one of the company’s representatives.

The direct lender is already known for its quick reply to the loan applications. In fact, fund disbursal too sometimes is done on the same day basis. Some of the advantages of applying for loans here are:

  • Fast fund transfer
  • Acceptance in spite of CCJ and other defaults
  • No hidden charges

A Comparative Analysis of Amigo Loans

Amigo Loans is no doubt among the most reliable direct lenders in the UK. It has interesting but useful loan products that can solve the long term and short term financial problems of the borrowers. After looking at the reviews about the company, we can say that applying for the loans here would be a nice experience but it is always better for the borrowers to look after other options as well. It is because a proper research would bring desired results for you.

Providing the guarantor is mandatory here but borrowers should not feel it like a compulsion rather they should take it as the opportunity to get the guaranteed approval. And of course, it has the online procedure that will be enough to get the early respite from any financial trouble. You can approach the direct lender.

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