Bad Credits History Overview


BCH has a large team of financial experts, who are young professionals but gain enough experience to frame the loan offers as such that can easily match to the financial circumstances of the borrowers. It may be the reason why this direct lender has been recognized as that lending hub where the flexible approach is practiced. As part of this policy, the rates of interest are more or less competitive on all the deals or depend upon the capacity of the borrowers.

Bad Credits History (BCH) is an online direct lender, working according to the true lending norms. Within a few years of its establishment, it has been able to enter its name into the list of top direct lenders in the UK. The main crux of its lending service is the Fin Tech which means all the financial products here are offered through the online platform. From short term to long term, all the financial solutions the company is trying to provide to its prospective borrowers.

The core objectives of the company are:

  • Providing instant and relevant financial help
  • Keeping the loan process as simple as possible
  • Reaching out maximum numbers of people
  • Offering personalised loan deals with no hassles
  • Following true and transparent lending policies

Financial Products

The direct lender provides a wide range of loan products that cover the vast categories such as unemployed, people with bad credit or who do not have any guarantor.

These products are:

Bad Credit Loans: These loans are for the specific purpose in which the beneficiaries are those individuals, who do not have a credible credit history. They have done past mistakes in making the repayments and now looking for the loans to calm down their expenses. The lender provides these loans on the basis of ‘no credit check’ process. It means their credit scores will not be taken into consideration and they are allowed to borrow funds freely.

No Guarantor Loans: There is a huge demand for another specialised loan options for those people, who usually struggle to arrange a guarantor. BCH has taken the initiative by introducing various loan deals where there is no requirement of the guarantor. The interest rates are still competitive as the lender promises, but it again depends upon the individual circumstances.

Unemployed Loans: The online loan provider is also leading in providing the customized offers on unemployed loans. The common features that it provides to the borrowers are no guarantor is required, doorstep lending facility, and no issue of bad credit history. To avail these loans, the borrowers have to come online and follow the simple steps to receive the desired amount.

Instant Payday Loans: One of the most applied loan options is instant payday loans. Yes, these cash advances are mostly favoured during the financial emergency and one can easily apply for them at BCH. The funding is done on the same day basis and usually, no obligations take part in the process. Borrowers have to repay the borrowed sum on the next salary day that will improve their credit scores too.

Unsecured Loans: Providing the collateral may be good but this direct lender has proved that loans can be efficient even if no security is required. The unsecured loans here are also applicable for those with low credit rating and those who are unemployed. People can fulfil their multiple purposes with these loans such as home improvement, debt consolidation, holiday purposes and many more.

Loan Features

All the aforementioned loan products include useful features for the borrowers in which some of them are mentioned below:

  • The eligibility criterion is quite simple to follow. Apart from the basic conditions like age, residence and bank account, people who are not having a job but earning additional income can also apply.
  • The application procedure is 100% online and doesn’t include hefty paperwork. Anyone can apply from the home or office and it hardly takes a few minutes to complete.
  • The direct lender has brought some exemptions in its loan deals and thus one can see the features like no credit check and no guarantor on almost all the loan offers. However, it heavily relies upon the circumstances and capacity of the borrowers.
  • BCH does not demand any upfront charges on any of its loans and it does keep away any surprises. As its website claims, all the loan deals are safe and secure. The only purpose is to bring benefits for the borrowers.  

How to Apply for the Loans at badcreditshistory.uk?

The market trend reveals that only those direct lenders are surviving, who can provide loans on an instant basis and with no compromise on the quality of the loan products. This direct lender has fortunately found its names into that list and as a result, it keeps its application procedure very simple that anyone can understand and follow. It involves only three steps, such as:

  • Come online and visit the website of BCH(www.badcreditshistory.uk).

The lender promises to reply quickly to your loan query and provides the benefit of same-day fund disbursal.

Benefits of the Direct Lender

There is always a debate which one is better, traditional lenders like Banks or modern day providers like the direct lenders? From its establishment, Bad Credits History has taken several new paths to bring the benefits of direct lending. Few of them are:

  • Loan approval comes quickly without any need of documentation
  • Borrowers can apply according to their comfort with no confusion at all
  • One can apply anywhere in the UK due to its online presence
  • Minimum involvement of the obligations allures borrowers to borrow the amount from here
  • No requirement of the broker and it does reduce the cost of applying for the loans.

Bad Credits History (BCH) does offer a reliable lending hub and now you have to use its products in a smart way.

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