Here at, we believe it is important to provide guidance for consumers facing a complex array of borrowing choices. Since the 1990s, the personal finance industry has grown exponentially. This expansion has enabled borrowing on the part of many who were formerly ineligible for credit. Over the years, lenders have provided countless thousands with immediate funds to pay vital bills as well as more substantial sums for everything from car purchases to buying a home. With these short term infusions of cash, people have avoided serious problems like bankruptcies and homelessness. While at the other end the spectrum, larger financial products have enabled others to benefit from being able to own their own property, start a business or get to work.

While loans and other forms of credit are useful tools, not all lenders meet industry standards for transparency and good value. As in any other industry, quality levels can vary considerably between various lenders. By curating reviews for many different lenders, Readies plays a role in protecting consumers from less trustworthy financial institutions. This process represents one more manifestation of how the internet is democratizing information for modern consumers.

Fortunately, there are plenty of positive players in the modern personal finances industry. This industry is so competitive that the best lenders usually gain powerful reputations. Our reviews rank various lenders based on their flexibility, ease of use, customer service and overall value for monies spent. In each category and for each form of credit, lenders are rated on a scale of one to five stars. This simple yet effective rating system helps guide people towards the most prodigious lenders in the industry. Though all of these qualities are important, good customer service and flexibility are perhaps the most important attributes of creditors. Poor customer service can lead to miscommunications and defaults on loans that may have seemed highly attractive at the outset. Although low-interest rates are certainly attractive, this shouldn’t always be the deciding factor when choosing a lender. It’s often worthwhile to pay a little extra if it means receiving fair treatment – and could end up saving you more in the long run.

Though professional reviewers write with polish, they often have hidden reasons for favoring certain companies. We believe that customers themselves are the most fair and impartial reviewers. Our customer reviews are loaded with real-world experience and old-fashioned common sense. Though not every review we publish will carry equal weight with readers, customer reviews are generally outstanding tools for taking stock of this industry. Online reviews are best used as integrated parts of a multifaceted approach to comparing lenders.

Beyond providing company ratings, we summarise important lender information regarding interest rates, credit requirements and maximum loan amounts. This is critical information for consumers looking to maximize their chances of receiving loans and successfully paying them back. Ideally, thoughtful people set aside emergency funds to handle sudden financial crises with ease. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible in this complex modern world. When borrowing is an absolutely necessity, we encourage people to take out the smallest loan which will cover their need. Smaller loans minimize interest expenses while lowering default risks.

At Readies, we are dedicated to making life easier for borrowers. For those who have already taken on debt, we also provide critical advice for living with debt and paying down loans in a responsible manner. Though reviewing lenders is our focus, we have a broader interest in helping people deal with financial difficulties. Therefore, our site covers lending options with complex financial needs.

Over the coming months and years, Readies will make all refinements necessary to better serve the borrowing public. Certain other lender review sites offer nothing more than thinly veiled advertisements for lenders. With our focus on impartial, balanced coverage, we provide a different level of service. To ensure that we are continually meeting the needs of the public, we encourage our readers to write in with questions, comments and suggestions.


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