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Sunny Loans

Sunny is counted among the most reliable online lending marketplace in the UK where plenty of short term loans are offered in varied forms. Located at Bury St Edmunds, it works as the trading name of the Elevate Credit International Limited, which is a registered finance company in England and Wales and authorised by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Over the years, the lender has gained a good reputation in the UK marketplace because of its trouble-free application procedure and instant financial assistance.

The loan provider has kept its lending products on the philosophy of flexible lending and thus each of its loan products has the variety as well as comfort for different sorts of borrowers. The best part of its funding service is that people with bad credit scores are also eligible to apply and in fact, the firm has framed specialised loan deals for them. The features like no guarantor and no broker add more efficiency of the loan products here and more people would like to borrow funds from Sunny.

  • Reasons to opt for Sunny Loans

When someone chooses a direct lender, it is obvious that there would be some reasons to do so. But when it comes to the reliable lender like this one here, the choice of lender becomes more specific. For Sunny, these reasons can be elaborated as:-

  • Instant loan approval:

Like other direct lenders like Bad Credits History, Amigo Loans or Peachy Loans, Sunny also offers loans on instant approval. As soon as the borrowers submit the loan applications, the lender quickly reviews it and approves the applications to release the benefits of the loan applied.

  • No extra charges:

Borrowers like the company for its transparent lending service. Initial rates are genuine and there will be no surprise for the borrowers.

  • Early repay options:

The lender gives its borrowers the early repay options without charging too much. Unlike other direct lenders, it does not charge heavy interest rates if someone wants to repay the loans early.

Loans Offered and the Features

Sunny has kept its reputation among the most admired direct lenders in the UK, offering short term loans on easy terms. People would like to apply for loans here when they need funds at most without indulging into any hefty procedure. The loan products offered here are:



These loans work best during the financial emergency of the borrowers. During these circumstances, no one would like a large application process to get a loan. Instead, direct lenders like Sunny have provided an alternative where borrowers above 18 years of age can apply instantly through the online process and obtain an early approval to sort out the problem. The primary benefit of applying short term loan here is that it is prepared to accept the loan applications despite borrowers’ bad credit scores. It does check the credit score but only to review the financial history and capacity.


The lender does have the option of solving extreme financial problems like car repair, boiler breaks down or medical emergency. It takes an instant decision on the loan application and disburses the funds on the same day of the application submitted. Again, applications are also accepted of those individuals with poor credit scores. However, these people have a chance of improving their credit scores if they are sincere to the loan process and norms. Repay the amount or other pending bills on time and increase your credit score to be entered into the list of fair or good credit scorers.


Almost all the direct lenders know that finding the guarantor would not be possible every time. Thus, Sunny has prepared a specific finance product called no guarantor loans. They work as the payday loans where the amount is too small and easily manageable for the primary borrower. People with bad credit score can gain huge with such funding options.


The lender is also a leading provider of small loans, which is just another form of short term funding options. They are suitable for very small expenses or needed a little amount to purchase a thing. The facilities like same day approval, easy repayments and comfortable online application procedure are provided to the borrowers.


There is no doubt that this cash advances among the most preferred small loans in the UK because of the comfort of getting loans plus the easy repayment options. Any individual with any credit score can apply for the loans for the maximum amount of £2500 to meet the personal ends. The interest rates are also affordable to pay and improving the credit scores is also a possibility.


Poor credit score means limited funding options, but Sunny always care of the concerned individuals. It does have an option called bad credit loans that can be applied for the maximum limit of £2500 and for the maximum duration of 6 months. However, unlike Bad Credits History, where people with no steady income can apply for poor credit loans, Sunny does require a steady income to avail these loans.

Advantages of Applying for Loans at Sunny

Being a reliable direct lender, Sunny gives many advantages to its borrowers in which some of them are mentioned below:

  • According to the company, it does not ask for any upfront charges rather borrowers just have to pay interest rates and nothing else. No hidden surprises during the application procedure and everything will be smooth for them
  • A unique but useful advantage that Sunny brings for its customers is that it gives 5 days to them if they want any sort of the change in the repayment schedule or the interest charges. There will be no questions asked if you want to change something.
  • The lender also provides its borrowers various money guides through free videos and tools to suggest them the best money management.
  • Borrowers have the advantage of repaying the loan early and save huge by not paying the extra interest. It will not charge any early repayment fees.

Sunny Loans is indeed the synonym of the reliable and result-oriented approach. Continue to read and see what other direct lenders have to offer you.

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